The most exciting project I am currently involved in is with William Hamer from The Wilder Kitchen.

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Elements: a collaborative exploration with Sara Qualter

The excitement of discovering hidden and often long forgotten locations and the thirst to understand the lives that were enjoyed, the struggles, the joy, industry, opulence and frivolity, that those physical places were witness to, is what drives both artists.

To look at such a place, in the death throes of decay, with so much now lost to living memory, one initially considers only the frailty and futility of our fragile human life and the overwhelming power of time and nature.


Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts, Mitchell Library, Glasgow - Open Exhibition 2016

Scottish Natural Heritage Art Exhibition, Argyll 2016

Royal Scottish Academy of Art and Architecture, Edinburgh - Open Exhibition 2016

Royal Academy of Arts, London - Summer Exhibition 2015

Great North Art Show, Ripon, 2015

Artmap Argyll, 2014 and 2015

land of the kings

An ongoing personal project.....

exploring the Kingdom of Dalriada.

Kilmartin Glen, an exquisite, wild and natural landscape, on the west coast of Scotland, rich with hidden treasures, textured with layer upon layer of history and inhabited by spirits of times long past.