In Gaelic mythology Cailleach has blue skin, red teeth, one eye and wielding a hammer, she is terrifying, an old hag, a witch, she is the veiled goddess of winter!

Three days before Samhain (October 31st) celebrating the end of the harvest season Cailleach’s servants prepare the whirlpool. On Samhain, Cailleach with her 8 servants visit to wash her plaid in the Corryvreckan whirlpool. This also marked the beginning of winter and Cailleach would control the wind, the rain and the storms.

The reality is no less incredible than the myths. Water is forced upwards when it hits a pyramid shaped pinnacle rising from the ocean floor and peaking at just 95 feet below the surface. When there is any significant wind strength, particularly from the West, standing waves up to 30ft or more can form also bellowing out an almighty roar which can be heard from 10 miles away.

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